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Vanishing Edge Pool

One of the more unique and interesting design features is the vanishing edge pool, also known as an infinity pool. Constructed correctly, the pool’s edge, when looked at straight on or at various angles, appears to simply disappear, blending the environment with your water surface.

The effect seems to make your pool extend into infinity, hence it’s infinity pool nickname, and the elements with which your water blends could be the skyline, trees, or a bay or lake.

If your pool will have a view of a lake or other body of water, a beautiful city skyline, or sitting atop a hilltop, the scenery becomes quite spectacular.

Hive Outdoor Living, Tampa Bay’s #1 custom pool builder, has created numerous pools of this type and each of them have their own remarkable impression, created with the flow of water disappearing over the edge combined with a picturesque background.

In effect, a vanishing edge pool generates the wonderful illusion of your body of water combining with its scenic environs. The water that flows over the edge is caught in a water trough below, where it is collected, then recirculated and filtered back into your pool.

The best pools of this type are constructed and positioned hiding the catch basin from the primary viewing spots in your yard. And, as you can probably imagine, building a pool with a natural slope might add to the ease of construction. That is mostly true. However, the right pool engineering can create this pool marvel even on flat land, where the edge drop is less but the effect remains.

A disappearing edge tends to highlight the surroundings and might be the exact feature you need to Create Your Own Backyard Paradise, making it an oasis for family and friends to enjoy life and leisure virtually any day of the year.’

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