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    We Specialize in Turning Your Backyard into your Dream Pool

    Transform your backyard into an appealing oasis with Hive Outdoor Living. We specialize in turning your backyard into a dream pool that gives wings to your imagination. Our skilled technicians and craftsmen are dedicated to creating exceptional outdoor spaces. Whether you envision a luxurious pool or a cozy retreat for your family, we strive to offer the best.

    Regarding swimming pool construction, you deserve nothing but the best. Hive Outdoor Living is proud to be recognized as one of the top-rated swimming pool builders in the industry. We are committed to deliver exceptional results. Our team of experts ensures that every aspect of your pool is perfectly designed and constructed to the highest standards, thus  ensuring a seamless and enjoyable lifestyle for years.

    Top-Rated Swimming Pool Builders

    Best Swimming Pool Construction Services You Can Rely on

    New Pool Construction Services

    Quality Pool Construction Services With a Blend of Customization

    At Hive Outdoor Living, we offer the best swimming pool construction services that you can rely on. We understand that each client has unique preferences and requirements, so we take a personalized approach to every project.

    Custom Pool Design

    We specialize in creating custom pool designs that are tailored to your preferences. Our talented designers work closely with you to understand your vision and create a unique, attention-grabbing pool that suits your style and enhances your outdoor space.

    Pool Excavation and Installation

    Our skilled technicians handle the excavation and installation process with precision and expertise. We ensure your pool is built to the highest standards, using top-quality materials and advanced construction techniques.

    Water Features and Lighting

    We offer a range of water features and lighting options to add elegance and sophistication to your pool. From cascading waterfalls to LED lighting, we can create a captivating ambiance that enhances your swimming experience.

    Pool Decking and Paving

    We provide a wide selection of pool decking and paving options to complement your pool design and create a seamless outdoor living space. Whether you prefer natural stone, concrete, or pavers, we have the expertise to create a beautiful and functional pool deck.

    Pool Equipment and Automation

    We offer the latest pool equipment and automation systems to make maintenance and operation hassle-free. From energy-efficient pumps and filters to automated cleaning systems, we incorporate advanced technology to enhance the functionality of your pool.

    Pool Landscaping

    To complete the transformation of your backyard, we offer professional pool landscaping services. Our team of skilled landscapers can create a lush and inviting environment around your pool, incorporating beautiful plants, trees, and hardscape elements.

    Unique and Attention-Grabbing New Pool Construction

    At Hive Outdoor Living, we pride ourselves on creating unique and attention-grabbing new pool constructions. We understand that your pool should reflect your personality and style. Our team of experts combines innovative design concepts with skilled craftsmanship to create pools that make a statement. 

    Whether incorporating a stunning water feature or designing a one-of-a-kind pool shape, we strive to create a pool that stands out and captures the attention of anyone who sees it. We pay meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring your pool looks incredible and functions flawlessly.

    Our experienced designers and builders work closely with you throughout the construction process. We take the time to understand your vision and preferences, bringing that vision to life with creativity and expertise. From the initial concept to the final touches, we ensure that your new pool construction is a masterpiece that exceeds your expectations.


    #1 Swimming Pool Construction Company in the USA

    Hive Outdoor Living is the leading swimming pool construction company in the USA. We at Hive offer the best services and incorporate all necessary safety measures for your swimming pool.

    We construct pools that strive to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your backyard, offering the perfect outdoor space for you and your family to retreat. Also, regarding trust and reliability in pool construction services, Hive Outdoor stands second to none. 

    We value our customers as our topmost priority. At Hive, we construct a pool that reflects your imagination and aligns with your property aesthetics. Not just that, we also ensure that the swimming pool we construct adds value to your property for a lifetime.

    Why Choose Hive Outdoor for New Pool Construction?


    We begin our fiberglass pool resurfacing process by thoroughly assessing your pool’s condition. This allows us to identify any underlying issues and determine the most suitable approach for resurfacing your pool. We consider factors such as the current surface condition, any necessary repairs, and your desired outcome.

    Service Warranty

    We meticulously prepare your pool’s surface to ensure optimal adhesion and a flawless finish. This includes thoroughly cleaning, removing debris or contaminants, and repairing cracks or imperfections. Our attention to detail during this preparation phase sets the foundation for successful and long-lasting fiberglass resurfacing.

    Completion Within Budget

    Not all premium services are out of pocket. At Hive Outdoor Living, we give the utmost preference to your budget at every step. According to your budget, we plan to offer the best possible services. So why wait to hire Hive Outdoor when you can get a premium pool within your budget?

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