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Welcome to Hive Outdoor Living, a premier swimming pool builder in Port Richie, where your pool is our passion. We have constantly achieved a reputation as an incredible pool builder with years of experience in offering the best. Every pool we build is a beautiful reflection of your desires and our skills. 

We design and construct your pool and offer remarkable customization to provide you with a masterpiece that fits your budget and requirements. Hive uses the best pool-building material without compromise and is aligned with the latest techniques. We aim to provide our clients with a trouble-free environment to cherish for years to come.

Modern Villa with Pool and Deck

We Add Customization that Makes your Dream Come True

At Hive Outdoor, swimming pool construction is an important decision for any homeowner. Therefore, we intend to make your decision worth it. Being the perfect choice for landscape lovers. Offering custom swimming pool designs and affordable pool products and services, Hive builds a pool inspired by your imagination without any hassle. 

Whether you are planning a simple pool design or a complex one, we provide customized choices for all pool types. As per your desire, you can add waterfalls, water features, rock waterfalls or whatever you wish. 

Our superior installation services can ensure that rock-solid warranties back your swimming pool.

Hive Outdoor is the Trusted Name

Hive Outdoor Living is dedicated to providing complete satisfaction with our services. Whether designing, installing, repairing, lighting, maintenance, construction, water features, etc., Hive is a one-stop shop for residential and commercial clients in Port Richie.

No matter what type of services you are looking for and your desires, Hive is dedicated to taking care of every aspect of your pool needs in Florida.

From Start to Finish, Hive is there for you

From site surveying and knowing your requirements through excavation to building your pool till its completion, Hive Outdoor’s expert and certifies technicians will offer the best services. We offer hands-on expertise and experience; we create what you need by keeping you with us at every stage.

We follow a unique approach to pool construction blended with customization. The following are the steps included:

First, we discuss then we do

Before starting your project, discuss your needs and education on the best options that align with your requirements.

Look at it Virtually before it becomes the Reality

At Hive, our expert designers will show you the virtual representation of your space before and after your work. This will give you a better idea of the outcome.

Use of Cutting Edge Software

Using Oculus virtual reality software, we create a realistic feel as if you are physically present in a new backyard. Also, we use it to manage the construction and bid on your project.

Smart Pool Technology

With the help of Pentair, the latest pool automation software, you can easily use your home automation to control your pool temperature, features, light, chemicals, jets, etc.

Save your Time and Money

Using Honey Dashboard, a software that efficiently controls problems associated with the pool building industry, Hive Outdoor manages the whole process efficiently. Moreover, this will save you time and money during the construction process.

Why Choose Hive Outdoor Living?

Hive Outdoor is the top-rated swimming pool contractor in Port Richie, Florida. As a leading pool construction company, we have constructed several swimming pools with customization for our clients.

Affordable Prices

At Hive Outdoor Living, we offer customized services for your needs. Also, we offer remarkable services to our clients at affordable prices. We do not believe in charging extra. Instead, we believe in offering quality services that fit your budget.

High-Quality Material

The outcome depends on the quality of the material used. Therefore, our team uses the best quality material without any compromise.

Trusted Name in Port Richie

Serving the people of Port Richie for years with top-notch pool construction, we are rated as the #1 pool builder with five-star ratings.

Industry Leading Techniques

We use industry-leading techniques with a blend of our creativity to give a fascinating look to your backyard and add value to your property.

Contact us at (813) 579-2444 or fill out an estimate request on our site. Let us begin.

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