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Wood Decks

A Wood decking will significantly enhance the property where a pool is installed. It will increase property value, provide more entertainment options, and bring enjoyment to the home. A pool deck is a space that surrounds the pool and makes it stand out from the rest. There are many options for pool decks, including wood, natural stone, and concrete.

Wooden pool decks are an excellent choice for those who have used them. It offers many benefits that will help you create a pool deck superior to the rest. Wood Deck can be described as a complex method that covers the exterior of any building or structure with top-quality materials that offer thermal insulation and protection from the harsh conditions of the environment.

Often, this surface is also responsible for how elements are impacted or fall upon the surface. Decking panels offer advantages over other alternatives because they offer additional security to your building. They are also an easy-to-maintain, non-combustible, and eco-friendly choice that can meet your aesthetic requirements.

Versatile Installation

There are many sizes and shapes of pools. Your pool deck should be able to fit into your garden or pool. Concrete and pavers are difficult to cut and form to create the unique shapes of modern pools. To ensure they last a long time, they require extensive leveling, drainage, and layering of setting materials.

Wooden pool decks can be customized to fit your pool’s design and yard’s requirements much more quickly than other materials. Wood can be cut to shape easily and does not require drainage or leveling as much as other pool deck materials. Wood has a natural, soft appearance that matches any garden or setting. Wood can be laid in various directions and patterns to create a unique, contemporary, or traditional look for your deck. You can also install wood pool decks that turn into walkways to your home and other areas in your yard.

This saves you the time and effort of installing another product. Wood can be used in almost any type of construction. You can also use the wood you used to build your deck for benches, flower boxes, or outdoor dining tables. This makes it convenient and attractive.

Sustainable Material


Sustainability is an essential factor in any building material. It doesn’t matter what building material you choose. Considering how your project will impact the environment and surrounding area is essential. Stone pavers can be used as natural materials but are not sustainable. Stone is a non-renewable resource. It must also be transported at great expense, increasing its carbon footprint.

Pool decks need sealers to keep their surfaces clean throughout the year. High levels of VOCs are common in these sealers, which can harm the environment and the health of people living near them for several days. Wood pool decks are more eco-friendly and sustainable than concrete. Plannify uses only sustainable or fast-growing softwood species for modified wood. These softwoods grow faster than hardwoods, and thanks to technology, they can make the wood perform like hardwood without destroying world forests.

Plannify uses an organic, biobased liquid to treat its wood. It is non-toxic and doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the surrounding environment. We do not require any sealers or other potentially hazardous chemicals to maintain its beauty and performance after installation.

Long-Lasting Durability

The pool’s ability to withstand the elements is well-known. The decks of pool pools are regularly soaked thoroughly and subject to chemicals to maintain the water level. It is essential that the decking you choose can withstand these elements and other aspects of the pool environment. In contrast, concrete and natural stones can be affected by etching and cracks during freeze/thaw cycles. Thus, they require regular repair. Wood Deck is the better option for you in this concern.

Hire Hive Outdoor for Wood Deck Installation

You might wonder why you should hire someone to deck instead of making it an exciting homemade project.

Here’s why you require professionals like Plannify to handle the job on your behalf:

     While you might believe that constructing your wood flooring or decking is an innovative and cost-effective option, unintentional accidents and rookie mistakes could cause massive damage in terms of costs, resources, and time.

     As a consumer, keeping the manufacturer’s warranty in good standing is your primary concern, and hiring a professional will allow you to keep your warranty intact.

     Correct installation methods are used to minimize loss.

     Pay only for the items you require.

     The project’s time frame is based solely on the construction of the building and the material used.

     Installation done by experts gives you the confidence that your job will be completed with excellence because they possess the required experience and knowledge.

Contact Hive Outdoor to install a wood deck for a better experience. We provide reliable installation services along with the best material. Whichever deck type you choose for your pool- Travertine deck, Paver Deck, Wood Deck, etc.; we can do it the best way for you.


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