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Linear Pools

What Are Linear Pools ?

Also known as a rectangular, modern, or geometric pool, a liner pool has become a popular choice of swimming pool for any setting, especially among homeowners. Apart from being affordable, these pools are a spectacular addition to the aesthetics of your home. Their straight lines and clear edge offer a flawless look to your modern and traditional settings.


A linear pool design, in this case, would be designed to look like an extension of your home’s exterior. It would continue to be functional as a place to swim, but it would also serve an aesthetic purpose.

They are often created in rectangles, squares, L shapes, and other geometric combinations.   

Residential homeowners love the option of a linear pool. It is also called a modern, geometric, or rectangular pool.

These pools can be matched with any style or architecture. These pools stand out from other freeform pool designs because they have straight lines and a clear edge. This gives them a modern look suitable for both traditional and modern homes. You can find linear pools in many shapes, including squares, rectangles, and “L” shapes. This means that there are many options for pool shapes to suit your needs.

An L-shaped or U-shaped linear swimming pool will be a good solution for solving significant design challenges. Linear swimming pool designs usually have straight sides but may sometimes be square. L-shape pools and U-Shape pools are examples of how we consider not only preventing a design challenge but implementing designs that complement the existing infrastructure.

Different shapes of linear pools offer a wide range of benefits, which should be unique to your preferences and the setting. Rectangular Linear pools are likewise perfect for swimming laps or other forms of activity. Lined Linear pools also have the advantage of divided areas for shallow and deep ends.

Ensuring an Enjoyable Swimming Time!

There are many options for linear pools. Each shape can offer different benefits depending on your needs and space. Rectangular pools are great for lap swimming and exercise. Linear pools are distinguished by their sleek lines and clean appearance.

Depending on your swimming pool needs, you can divide linear pools into shallow or deep-end zones. Linear pools allow you to integrate a modern, contemporary design into your home and backyard. Perfect for young children or expanding families, linear swimming pools also offer the benefit of divided areas for shallow and deeper parts of the pool.

The varied designs in linear pools offer various benefits tailored to your unique demands and available area. Swimming laps and exercising are best done in rectangular linear pools. Linear pools are distinguished by their sleek design and clear lines. Depending on your swimming pool needs, linear pools can be divided into shallow and deep ends. For families with young children, linear pools are perfect since they allow you to design your home and garden in an elegant, contemporary manner.

A high-end linear pool is also great for enhancing your home and landscape designs if you have a formal backyard. Think in terms of having your pool built at various levels along a terraced patio

Creating Top-Notch Pools Tailored to Your Needs!

As we are one of the reliable outdoor living builders, our pool construction services are backed by superior materials and advanced technology, letting us deliver results beyond your expectations. Our team comprises experts who are familiar with every aspect of the linear pool business so that you can count on our services.

At Hive Outdoor Living, we provide the finest customer service throughout the pool construction process and for a very long time. As your new custom pool is constructed, we ensure that you feel appreciated throughout the whole project—from planning to completion. To learn more about how we may be the ideal pool builder for your upcoming pool project, get in touch with us immediately.


Choosing to have an automatic pool in place is an easy option that can open up an array of pool and design possibilities. After your Hive Outdoor Living Consultant arrives, they will tour your home and garden at no cost to get a sense of the area. Then, when you approve your concept, our pool engineering staff will design a beautiful water feature that will please all your senses.

Hive Outdoor Living is a highly skilled pool and outdoor living builder. We have access to the best technology and materials, which allows us to provide the exceptional standard our customers demand. We are experts in the design, sales, and construction of linear pools. You can trust us to be the right team for your project.

We at Hive Outdoor Living offer exceptional customer service during the pool construction process as well as long afterward. We make sure you feel valued during the entire process, from the beginning of your project to aftercare. Call us today for more information about Hive Outdoor Living, the ideal pool builder for your next pool project.



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