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Natural or irregular shapes, curves, or flowing lines define the shape and design of a freeform swimming pool.  Modern freeform pools are made to mimic a pond, lake, or oasis and frequently have rock and waterfall features. In the 20th century, freeform-shaped swimming pools were  constructed in California.

Unlike the traditional swimming pool, the free-form swimming pool is designed with an irregular shape. When choosing your pool builders, you may make a free-form pool design when you select your pool.

 You can shape into rigid, geometric shapes, free-form pools have an organic, nature-inspired look. Concrete or vinyl is most often utilized to construct free-form pools. After a hole is dug in the ground and a framework is installed, concrete can be poured to build any shape, size, or configuration.

Vinyl-lined pools are usually converted into free-form pools that can hold a variety of designs. There are many benefits of having a free-form-shaped pool. One benefit is the ability to enjoy a relaxing day outside without the worries of an enclosed swimming pool. In addition, the system is easy to install and clean.

Moreover, it can make a swimmer feel like they are swimming in a cave instead of a suburban backyard.  Pools like freeform and plunge pools are designed to provide everyone with the same level of comfort and security while providing an enjoyable swimming experience.

Showcase Gallery of Our Freeform Pool Designs

 Here are the most inspiring freeform pool designs which depict our fascinating work.

Add Value to Your Home


Swimming pools with freeform shapes are fantastic backyard additions. With an amoeba-like form and style, they offer a natural, organic appearance. Free-form swimming pools frequently look like they have always been there and truly fit into the environment.

 They include curves, flowing lines, and asymmetrical patterns and often include waterfalls, rock bridges, and landscapes of plants that imitate ponds or lakes. Many homeowners worry that their small and awkwardly shaped backyards would prevent them from having a backyard pool.

 However, the freeform pool can be built in any yard’s shape or terrain. And the design is contemporary because of its lines, curves, and defined edges. The dramatic curves of the free-form swimming pool are incorporated with a modern look and flexible design. Consider this design if you are looking for a fun, informal, natural-looking swimming pool.

 Being perfect for recreation, free-form swimming pools provides a natural design. It is ideal for home enhancement.  The freeform pool style is relaxing, allowing cozy corners and aimless drift on a raft. Create Memories In and Around Your Pool Area! If you have children, creating a space outside where they can enjoy and have fun is a beautiful addition to your home. You and your children can have fun swimming in your swimming pool, creating happy memories and establishing a great family bond.

Freeform pools can provide extra amenities to transform your garden into a retreat. Your pool will be much more fun with diving boards, rock bridges, islands, beach access, in-water tables, and seating. Don’t let a small backyard or an irregularly shaped yard prevent you from having the pool of your dreams.

Amazing Benefits of Freeform Shaped Pools. Modern looks and dramatic curves of freeform-shaped pools elevate your swimming space. It integrates features and add-ons in its design. You can easily customize your swimming pool with its tanning ledge, slip-resistant steps, and swim-up seating. Also, the availability of a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.

Let Us Create the Freeform Pool of Your Dream!

We design freeform swimming pools at Hive Outdoor Living to complement the surrounding environment.

Every measurement is tailored to the particular site. We turn your outdoor area into a peaceful retreat where you can swim, splash, relax in the sun, unwind, and spend quality time with friends and family. We aim to provide excellence in swimming pool construction and renovation by taking pride in our work and providing the best customer service possible.

 Our vision is to provide the best swimming pool contractor in town. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their unique swimming pool design and construction goals. We design premium pools that blend into the surroundings. At Hive Outdoor Living, we take measurements after keeping specific sites in mind. We strive to transform your backyard into a fascinating private retreat.

 Our swimming pool consultants will help you design, build, and maintain your perfect swimming pool. Also, we strive to help people have the best swimming experience by providing expert advice and support on all things Swimming pool related.

 Our pool consultants offer the best advice considering every aspect of the pool design. You can count on the professionals to provide the best service with a personal touch. An entirely personalized pool that aligns with budget as well as requirements. We build the pool that aligns well with your desires.

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