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Artistic Paver Decks

Artistic pavers meet benchmarks for the pool industry, guaranteeing exceptional quality. The array of earth tones is attractive and cool on your feet, allowing it to suit all styles of architecture.



Will come in a variety of sizes from 16 inches by 16 inches to 12 inches by 12 inches, all of which help create diverse patterns for your pool deck. Besides diverse designs and colors, it also is accurate.

Types of Artistic Paver Decks

Artistic pavers offer a number of options for installation unlike any other paving item available in the marketplace. Pavers like artistic and  travertine pavers can be used commercially and residentially and are beautiful and functional.

Detectable Warning Pavers

Detectable warning pavers are installed on the edges of pedestrian crossings, transit facilities, railway platforms, and sidewalks. They serve as visual and tactile warnings for partially sighted and blind pedestrians. These surfaces are also required by federal and state laws in some jurisdictions.

There are two main types of detectable warning pavers: rigid tiles and flexible mats. Each type meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. But it is important to choose the right one for the application.

The rigid tiles are shaped like cones and are made from a durable material. Their color and pattern can be customized to create a striking visual effect. A flexible mat, on the other hand, can be replaced in small portions. Depending on the requirements, a detectable warning panel can be made from concrete, asphalt, or any other suitable material. The American Disabilities Act requires the use of ADA compliant tactile warning panels in public areas. These are available in surface applied and cast-in-place forms. In addition, they are time-tested, 100% replaceable, and can be installed quickly and inexpensively. 

Large Paver Slabs

If you’re looking to improve your backyard or add a splash of style to your front yard, large paver slabs are a great way to do it.  You can hire professional Pool contractors to install paver slabs in your backyard. They’re also a lot more convenient than natural stone. Plus, they’re affordable enough to get your hands on.

It’s true that they’re not for everyone. But they’re definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new pool or patio. Whether it’s an expensive outdoor entertainment center or a simple deck, they’ll serve you well for years to come. To begin, they’re usually at least 12 inches long. Typically, they’re square in shape, but they’re not limited to rectangles. You can lay them on shims if you want, or you can even set them up on pedestals. Depending on your taste, you can put them in a random pattern or a more formal one.

The best part about these slabs is that they’re easily removable if you need to make changes. And if you have an apartment building, they can be used indoors.

Detectable Warning Domes

The detection of tactile warnings has long been a topic of debate within the design community. Tactile warnings are detectable by the touch, or a bit of a heftier effort using a cane or long stick. In general, these types of warnings provide a distinguishable surface pattern that identifies the warning itself. Detectable warning pavers are also available in some locations. They are typically installed on curbs and grade changes.

The ADA Paver is a good example of what this acronym stands for. It provides textural contrast as well as a detectable warning for wheelchair users. While it may not seem like it, it blends well with its surroundings.

The Detectable Warning ADA & textured architectural paver is available in a variety of colors, and has the capability to meet a wide range of needs. These pavers are also maintenance free and energy efficient. The company offers many other features and benefits, including FSC approval and matching stair treads and pool copings.

Interlocking Pavers

Using interlocking pavers for artistic decks is a great way to create an attractive and durable surface. These products are easy to install and maintain. They are also resistant to spilled fuels, oil and other liquids. Interlocking concrete pavers come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

The use of interlocking pavers is a modern alternative to traditional poured-in-place concrete. This pavement system is more efficient and cost-effective. In addition, the use of this type of paving material offers unlimited design possibilities.

When compared to other types of pavers, interlocking concrete pavers are more affordable, durable, and easy to repair. They are even skid-resistant. Besides, interlocking pavers are designed to spread weight over a large surface. This means that they are ideal for pool decks and patios. If you’re planning a new pool deck or a walkway, consider using interlocking concrete pavers at Hive Outdoor Living . Not only are they resistant to spilled fuels, oil, and other liquids, they are easy to maintain. And, they are a lot cheaper to repair than poured concrete.

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